General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of using SIVVP products are as follows:

  1. Products belonging to the national project SIVVP (computing resources and application software) are available to all universities and scientific research institutions in Slovakia, as declared in the description of the SIVVP national project and the licencing agreements of the application software providers.
  2. Project SIVVP products are only available to users working on non-commercial scientific projects with the possibility of publishing the results in scientific publications
  3. The access to the computing systems is available free of charge for the purposes of solving specific research and development tasks during the duration of the SIVVP project (2010-2015) and its sustainability period (2015-2019), as described in the official national SIVVP project description.
  4. All Application software used on the computing systems must have a valid (or free) licence, or be owned by the user.
  5. Application software purchased for SIVVP funds is available to the whole academic community and users from scientific research institutions in Slovakia with respect to the software licence agreements.
  6. Funds gained from commercial use of the computing resources of SIVVP can only be used for further operation of the products purchased under the SIVVP national project.
  7. Every user is fully responsible for their activities inside the computing systems of SIVVP and its electronic networks. Every user is responsible for any abuse originating from their own user account including in the case of allowing access to another person.
  8. Every user is fully responsible for any damages caused by abusing their account and careless access manipulation (password, etc.).
  9. Users must not attempt to gain access or privileges outside the ones they were granted. If a user gains unauthorized access or privileges through any means (e.g. technical failure, administrative error), he must immediately report the fact to an administrator. Users must not attempt to gain access to the private data belonging to other users.
  10. Users must not perform any actions that would limit the performance of the used computer networks, e.g. overloading network elements, spreading computer viruses or attempting unauthorized network access. Users must not use the computing resources and networks for political and religious agitation. It is prohibited to use vulgar and demeaning expressions in communications targeting a broad audience (e.g. electronic conferences, discussion forums, news). Users must not conduct any actions or spread any information that would break the law or warrant legal prosecution (e.g. advertising, information about commercial products, psychological terror, pornography), or information not related to the SIVVP national project.
  11. Users must not use or spread illegal software. Users must not copy or distribute parts of the operating system and installed software.
  12. According to Slovak republic's act no. 18/2018 of the body of laws about the protection of private data and about the amendment of certain acts, that especially in § 19-30 regulates the rights of the respective persons in the field of processing private data, users give consent to the Center of Operations of the SAS to process the personal data provided in this registration form, in order to administer their account for the provision of HPC resources and for the purpose of gathering anonymous statistics about the usage of HPC resources administered by the CO SAS - CC for the duration of five years after the registration. The consent also pertains to providing the data to third parties - approvers of the accounts for the purpose of inspecting the correctness of the data provided and the project commission for the purpose of approving user projects. Users are aware that the withdrawal of this consent will result in the cancellation of this request as if it was never made and the deletion of their account.